Spectral Measurement Services

QuantaSpec offers spectral measurement services that provide rapid measurement at high spatial and spectral resolution for customer supplied samples.  Our services include Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, Infrared micro-spectroscopy, and Chemical Imaging.  QuantaSpec uses a state of the art Bruker Hyperion 3000(TM) IR microscope with a 128x128 focal plane array (FPA) to collect spectral images in minutes that can take days with a conventional IR microscope.  QuantaSpec can collect spectra in transmission, reflection, or attenuated total reflection (ATR).

Spectral Analysis Services

QuantaSpec's spectroscopists can interpret customer supplied spectral data or data measured by QuantaSpec.  For example, spectral analysis can detect and identify process contaminants.  QuantaSpec's staff are also available as expert witnesses.

Contract Research & Development

QuantaSpec Inc. performs contract R&D services for government, academic, and commercial sector clients.  Core competencies include:

  • Development of Algorithms to Identify Pathogens in Complex Matrices (food, environmental samples, blood, etc) based on Infrared Spectra
  • Design and Development of Prototype Infrared Spectral Systems for Specific Applications
    • Differential Absorption LIDAR for Standoff Explosive Detection
    • Chemical Agent Detection Systems
    • Biological Agent Identification Systems
    • Spectrometers with No Moving Parts
    • Quantum Cascade Laser Systems
    • Combat ID
    • Medical Diagnostics
    • Food Safety
    • Blood Product Safety
    • Process Control/ Quality Control/Quality Assurance